Piano Star Skills Builder


Here are backing tracks for 7 pieces from Piano Star Skills Builder, so you can play-along at home. All tracks can be downloaded free. Each piece has a two-bar ‘count-in’, given by percussion instruments indicating the beat, before the music starts.

Use ABRSM’s Speedshifter app to alter the speed of a piece and find a suitable practice tempo.

C major scale – Smoothly sailing (page 9)     D natural minor – Sad song (page 31)

D harmonic minor – Jazzy jaguar (page 37)    D melodic minor – Chase music (page 42)

Contrary Chopsticks (page 13)       My Strange Zoo (page 28)

Drunken Sailor duet (page 46)

Sample pages

Contents page       C major scale       Pulse and Rhythm     My Strange Zoo