Piano Star Duets

Here are audio tracks for 10 pieces from Piano Star Duets. For each, there’s a performance track and separate tracks for parts 1 and 2. Play-along at home to create your own duet! Select e.g. a part 2 track and play along with part 1. (All tracks can be downloaded free.)

Each piece has a two-bar ‘count-in’, given by percussion instruments indicating the beat, before the music starts. ‘Chitter Chatter’, has a fast beat so has a four-bar count-in.  ‘Jasmine Flower’ has a one-bar ‘count-in’ halfway through.

Use ABRSM’s Speedshifter app to alter the speed of a piece and find a suitable practice tempo.

Apache Drums    performance    part 1    part 2        School’s Out   performance   part 1   part 2

La Bamba   performance   part 1   part 2        Cats on the Prowl   performance   part 1   part 2

Chitter Chatter   performance   part 1   part 2      Dancing with the Moon   performance part 1 part 2

Last Day at the Fair   performance   part 1   part 2        Jasmine Flower   performance   part 1   part 2

G for Granny   performance   part 1   part 2        Mrs McLeod’s Reel     performance   part 1   part 2

These recordings and some video performances also available on the ABRSM site here.